Working Together, Works!

I know that working together gets the best results and community involvement allows for better decision making. Your opinion matters.

Since being elected, my priorities have been improving our roads, sidewalks and lanes as well as improving safety within our colourful and vibrant communities. I have also focused on increasing transparency and accountability at City Hall.

There is still work to be done and I hope you will support me for

re-election. I look forward to hearing about your ideas and the issues important to your family in the days ahead.

Your donation will help us reach voters in the

Daniel McIntyre Ward!

You can donate by credit card, e-transfer, or by cheque.

What Our Community is Saying

Together we’ve made the community more accessible for everyone!

- Betty Klassen

Betty lives in Arlington Haus and uses a walker. Since her back lane has been repaired she gets around her living facility much easier.

Together we’ve provided recreation opportunities for our children in the community!

- Jerry Medina

Jerry runs the IKAW basketball league that offers hundreds of children in the West End the chance to play.