In the Community


Supported a Project with the Manitoba Federation of Labour Trolley Art Installation on Main Street with $1919.00.

Valour Community Centre Clifton site has received over one and a half million dollars of funding for a monumental update. With the installation of a Spray pad, playground renewal and other exciting renovations. Rendering to be prepared soon. Construction to start Spring 2023.

Annually support the Valour Community Centre Carnival: Isaac Brock Location.

Clifton School received $15,000 to upgrade playground equipment to make accessible.

Secured the upgrade of the Omand’s bridge pedestrian/cycling path behind Denson/Riddle Park from Gravel to asphalt.

Helped secure over $50,000 for Playground improvements at Central Park with MOSIAC Newcomer Resource Centre.

Celebrated with the residents for the 30th anniversary of Fred Douglas Place.

Helping One Just City as sole sponsor for purchase and installation of a washer and dryer for use by anyone in need.

The Royal Winnipeg Rifles Foundation – Renovation of Rifles Memorial Park – Vimy Ridge Memorial Park $30,000.00 from the Daniel McIntyre Ward

Sponsored the construction of Vimy Victory Community Gardens and later planting of an Orchard for public picking.

Westminster Tot Lot renewal.

Vimy Ridge memorial Park play area improved play equipment.

The Cornish Library received an immaculate renovation.

Primary Sponsor of Envision Fest in Wolseley annually since 2015.

Worked with Old grace housing Coop and provided funding over $15,000 for a van to use with  Peg City car coop.

Often attended AGAPE Table to hear stories from community members.

Funded $50,000 tree lighting project along Sargent Ave and Ellice Ave  with the West End BIZ. Location: From Balmoral Street to Arlington Street

Councillor for the day program with a class at Greenway School.


-teacher with students reached out via email with expressed concern for a lack of safe pedestrian crossing along St. Matthews near Simcoe Street to access the Simcoe Street playground.

-Councillor Gilroy heard these concerns and acted collaboratively with the teacher and the students.

-Councillor Gilroy joined the class at the school where she and the children came up with and idea to ask the City to install a crosswalk. Councillor Gilroy initiated a formal motion with this request.

-Once the request was formally on an agenda where the committee had the decision making authority, the Students had a field trip to City Hall and joined the Councillor in the committee room where the discussion was taking place.

-The students had the opportunity to share their thoughts with the Director of Public Works and other City Councillors on the Committee.

-The decision was made that a cross walk could be installed.

-The crosswalk is now up at the location of St. Matthews Ave at Simcoe Street.

2018- Attended the Portuguese Women’s Gala. Presented a certificate of distinction.

Provide Career Mentoring to local High School Students.

Participate annually in the commuter challenge hosted by the Green Action Centre. The challenge encourages participants to cycle, run, walk, bus, carpool or telecommute as sustainable alternatives to single- person driving to a from work. I choose to cycle and run.

Annually attend the Philippine Independence Ball.

Support Local E12 Tennis Group at Sargent Park Tennis Court.


Purchased sidewalk clearing equipment with West End BIZ to assist local businesses and residential sidewalks with snow removal.

Creation of a summer 2022 local Art Hub at a Vacant building with land at 955 Portage Ave. a $50,000 grant was provided to local artists organized by Mandy Van Leeuwen and the West End BIZ. The murals were created and displayed at this location. The Murals are transferrable and will be on display then moved around the Daniel McIntyre Ward in definitely.

Over a quarter a million dollars designated to planting trees within the Daniel McIntyre Ward boundary. This is in addition to the amount from the City Budget.

Supported an increase of $750,000 in the City budget towards the prevention of disease to our Urban Canopy in Winnipeg. And supported the joining of the one million tree challenge.

Pandemic Related Community Support

The Book It Starts with a Breath Working with Community elders and Teachers this is a translation of a mindful breathing book called it Starts with a breath book into Indigenous languages (Cree and Ojibway).

Food For All Program – Out of Knox united Church. Food/ Supply Distribution Free to community members.


Wolseley School Wellness Week, helping the student's mental health by activating their minds through the arts. Supporting the local arts community (who have struggled for work during the pandemic) by having them work with students in a covid-safe way (zoom workshops, ect.)

St. Matthews Non-Profit received funding for additional outdoor seating to support an outdoor warming space. Creating a safe COVID friendly environment for community members in Spence neighbourhood to access important programming at the West End Commons.

Central Neighbourhoods– Heart in the Park included a distribution of Raber garbage mitts and other cold weather items. A one of a kind art mural designed into a layer of ice to skate on at the Central Park Skating Rink. Winnipeg trails participated with a mobile ski unit to assist with the learning of cross country skiing and skating.

Winnipeg Trails groomed Cross country ski trails in local green spaces.

Sputnik Architecture collaborated with University of Manitoba Art Students in the creation of 9 Ice Sculptures, each provided a historical reference to the community.

Manitobans for Human received funding for the Youth Assocation to created an “I am Human” video.  It focuses on what is a human right to you.

Wolseley Residents Association received funding for volunteer organization software to safely mobilize members of the community at large.

Medival Inuit concert received funding to celebrate the opening of the City's new Inuit Art Centre. At the WAG. Medieval Inuit, written by Andrew Balfour in 2007, is an abstract exploration of the first meeting between early Norse explorers and the Inuit of Labrador over a thousand years ago. It will be both re-developed and extended by Andrew, conveying even more dramatically the sonic landscape of ships, ice, cold and the huge contrast between ancient cultures. Camerata Nova will be joined by internationally known folk/throat singers Madeleine Allakariallak and Sylvia Cloutier, plus viola, Indigenous percussion and powerful narration from Innu Fred Ford.  This concert will be another major contribution to contemporary Indigenous music. 

West End Biz with Local Artist Mandy Van Leeuwen designed 2 murals at the Dairy Queen located on the Corner of Sargent Ave and Burnell Street (836 Sargent)


Argyle Studios- From the Attic is based in Winnipeg's West End, Argyle Studio created ten 20-40 minute performances by some of Manitoba's best known and most respected musical artists. This series provided strong local content and critical performance opportunities for artists who have been unable to tour or record since the outbreak of COVID-19. The audio and visual recordings were broadcasted free of charge on several platforms, and artists were provided the option of broadcasting their performance live if they prefer.

About Argyle- Has strong working partnerships with artists and artist representatives from the Francophone, Indigenous, and LGBT2Q communities as well as those in genres ranging from folk to classical, synth pop to hip hop. Argyle maintains active partnerships with CKUW, West Broadway Community Organization, Good Will Social Club, Spence Neighbourhood Association, Disintegration Records, Manitoba Music, Big Fun Festival, and many other local institutions with significant media platforms.

Poverty and Affordable Housing.

At the General meeting of Council on November 25, 2021 the first ever Poverty reduction Strategy was passed. It provides a ten year look into the City and it’s role in poverty reduction.

In addition to the Poverty Reduction Strategy that is being developed, many of the City's programs and services currently offered are of benefit to people experiencing poverty.  In spring 2019, the City documented current measures being taken that related to poverty reduction. A total of 146 current measures were documented(External link) and organized into three categories:

  • Meeting Basic Needs (Transportation; Life-safety; Income/Training/Education; Housing/Shelter; Food)

  • Accessing Services & Supports (Education/Literacy; Early Learning and Care; Connections; Accessibility; Health/Mental Health)

  • Strengthening Community Connections (Social Inclusion; Recreation/Culture; Healthy Environments; Community Safety; Engagement)



Cindy’s Speech from that meeting.

“The time is now, my Councillor colleagues. The time is now. I wish it would have been a few years earlier, but the time is now. The highest poverty rates in Canada are right here where we’re sitting. Some of the highest poverty rates and highest child poverty rates in Canada are right here in this community. And it’s vital that we act and it’s vital that we start looking at the policies that we’re putting into place, the actions that we're taking on Council and the decisions that we're making. We need to implement things that are going to make sure that we’re taking away the barriers of some of our most vulnerable population and that is the key. And we have a role and responsibility to do that from this level. We have many things that we are responsible for at the City level and the time is now to make sure that we are acting on what we can do to reduce poverty within the City of Winnipeg. And I want to thank…I want to thank the author of the report and the Community Services people, they did a tremendous job. And what we heard over and over again from the many delegates that came forward, is what an outstanding job they did working with the community on this. And I think that that is something we should learn from and that that is a key. “



In a Joint Statement with fellow Councillors, MLA's and the MP for City Centre, on Housing & Low-barrier Spaces Wednesday February 3, 2021

Councillor Gilroy “We must commit to low barrier housing options that meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable people who are experiencing addiction and mental health issues.  By working together with all levels of government we can and must support housing to meets those needs. Funding low barrier housing provides a source of income to housing providers and community organizations to provide the needed supports for Winnipeggers facing homelessness and housing insecurity.  We have a real need for these housing options and I’m committed to working with all my colleagues to make low barrier housing a reality.”  


To support the important work under the Poverty Reduction Strategy, $500,000 for additional staff to support the creation of a minimum of 100 affordable housing units from the Funding received from the federal Government under the Rapid Housing initiative. All of these projects are underway and many are within the Daniel McIntyre Ward.

In addition to the Rapid Housing Initiative is the creation of the One Million Dollar 24/7 Safe Space Grant. (over 4 years) Which is funding Spence Neighbourhood Association’s West End 24-Hour Safe Space (WE-24), Ka Ni Kanichihk’s and Velma’s House.

What Cindy had to say about the Rapid Housing Initiative

“This funding will help address the fact that every person deserves access to safe and affordable housing. This further contribution by the federal government to the Rapid Housing Initiative will make a tangible impact through the projects it supports and will help more members of our community find a place to call home.”


Other Committee Related Initiatives:


The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Program supports community-level activities that strengthen local crime prevention and community safety efforts. It encourages the exchange of information amongst community residents and promotes the building of closer relationships between communities and the Winnipeg Police Service.


  • Community events that promote the establishment and/or build the capacity of local crime watch groups

  • Community cleanup projects

  • Tools that facilitate and enhance better communication among neighbours to support community safety and report illegal activity

  • Education, training and awareness building efforts that help deter illegal activity and/or promote community safety

  • Community information sessions with invited guest speakers to address topics of concern

  • Grassroots harm reduction initiatives (such as support groups for those who use drugs, or who have used drugs and are facing obstacles)

  • Innovative crime prevention pilot projects focused on vulnerable youth that provide positive alternatives to the street

  • Shared infrastructure that enhances community safety, such as lighting, used needle cleanup equipment, etc.

Definitions per City of Winnipeg Website


Recipients since 2019 have received part of $400,000

2022 distribution:

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba Inc. (IRCOM) Neighbourhood watch


Wolseley Family Place Inc. De-escalation, harm-reduction and overdose prevention training


Bear Clan Patrol Inc. - Northwest Chapter Neighbourhood watch


Mount Carmel Clinic Sharing circles / safety training


Siloam Mission Exterior / interior sharps containers


Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg Inc. (Aberdeen Club) Afterschool program


William Whyte Neighbourhood Association Residential solar security lighting program


204 Volunteers Inc. Neighbourhood watch


Knox United Church Security surveillance upgrade


Main Street Project Community clean-up


South Sudanese Community Centre Security surveillance and lighting


Newcomers Employment and Education Development Services (NEEDS)


Support for Introduction to Canadian Society (INTRO) program for children and youth


Spence Neighbourhood Association Community Connecting Nights


Downtown Community Safety Partnership Project Clean Slate


Point Powerline Community awareness and crime prevention


Elmwood Community Resource Center and Area Association Inc. Community safety training


Winnipeg Central Mosque Security upgrades


Graffiti Art Programming Inc. Community mural and feas


Bright Mamas Welfare Inc. Community gatherings


The Welcome Home - A Mission of St. Alphonsus Inc. Security surveillance

2021 Distribution:

Bear Clan Youth Foot Patrol Equipment


CommUNITY204 Community Safety Patrol / Programs


Fearless R2W Indigenous Community Safety Education


Holistic Ongoing Opportunities Development Facilitation and Management Services Youth / Newcomer Social

Events Initiative


Central Neighbourhoods Winnipeg Holistic Harm Reduction Programming


Main Street Project Community Clean-Up


North End Community Renewal Community Safety Initiatives


Boys and Girls Club Polson After-School Recreation Program


Candace House Facility Security Upgrades


Point Powerline Point Powerline Program Funding


Manitoba Women for Women of South Sudan Domestic Violence Against Women Program


Oak Table Enhanced Exterior Security Lighting


Westminster Housing Society Westminster Tenant Safety Project


Canadian African Muslim Women Association Inc. Life Skills Program


Exchange District BIZ Volunteer Neighbourhood Watch Program


Manitoba Harm Reduction Network Program Supports & Needle Pick-Up


Manitoba Islamic Association Community Self-Defense Program


Donwood West Inc. Encampment Support & Clean-up


Resource Assistance for Youth Enhanced Exterior Security Lighting


Ethiopian Society of Manitoba Enhanced Exterior Security Lighting


Sleep in Heavenly Peace Winnipeg Children’s Bed Safety & Bed BUILD event


Norwood Grove BIZ Community Safety Engagement & Training


Hospitality House Refugee Ministry Newcomer Youth Support Program

2020 Distribution:


Holistic Ongoing Opportunities Development Facilitation and Management Services Inc. Newcomer Safe Space Program Support.

Point.powerline Inc. Increasing Program Capacity.


Holy Names House of Peace Facility Health and Safety Upgrade.


Filipino Seniors Group of Winnipeg Support for Community Safety Seminars / Drop-In & Self-Defense Programs.

The WRENCH Bike Locks for Bike Bazaar / Community Events.


William Whyte Citizens on Patrol Program Patrol Program Enhancements


Central Park Foot Patrol Inc. Patrol Program Enhancements


SISTARS Economic Community Development Co-op Security Lighting & Surveillance Upgrades


NorWest Co-op Community Health Safe Space Program Supports


Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba Inc. Youth Safety Awareness Project


Altered Minds Inc. Safety Information Sessions


William Whyte Neighbourhood Association Outdoor Solar Security Light Program


Thrive Community Support Circle Facility Security Enhancements


West Broadway Development Corporation Community Safety Initiatives


Broadway Neighbourhood Centre Inc. West Broadway Substance Use Education Initiative

Siloam Mission Facility Communications Equipment


Elmwood EK Retired Citizen's Association Facility Security Enhancements


Spence Neighbourhood Association Harm Reduction Service Enhancement


St. Boniface Citizens on Patrol Program Patrol Program Enhancements


Provencher BIZ Monthly Community Safety Meetings


Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg Aberdeen After-School Program Support


West End BIZ Patrol Communications Equipment


North Kildonan Community Watch Safety Information Sharing

2019 Distribution:

201 Central Park Foot Patrol Inc. (CPFP) Increasing training, services and outreach capacity

Enhance public health and community safety through safe needle collection and disposal in the Central Park neighbourhood; alcohol empties collection; safe weapons and substances recovery and disposal; connecting individuals in need with resources and providing a visible presence at community events.

North End Women's Centre (NEWC) Safer Communities at NEWC Purchase security equipment (such as “Help” doorbells) at the two North End Women Centre locations in order to provide a safe environment for program participants and visitors.

Fearless R2W 'Caring for Youth in Care' Community Walk Recruit, train and support community members to conduct weekly patrols to locate and support missing indigenous CFS-involved youth.


Mama Bear Clan Increasing training, services and outreach capacity Purchase equipment & deliver training aimed at ensuring the safety andwell-being of Mama Bear Clan volunteers.


The Holistic Ongoing Opportunities Development Safe Space & Support for Justice or Gang Involved Youth Provide a safe space for justice or gang-involved African youth between the ages of 14-30 year who are involved in the illicit drug trade in the central park and West-end area of Winnipeg; offer culturally appropriate gang prevention programs in a peer-to-peer support group setting.


JibStop Increasing support services and outreach capacity Create targeted and impactful messages for peers that speak to crystal meth recovery, crime prevention and community safety; market these messages as sweatshirts and t-shirts to be worn as a group to local events and as they facilitate and present to the community.


CentralNeighbourhoods (SNA) Community Capacity Building for Crisis Response 1. Local Businesses- Connect with local businesses for safety meetings to identify concerns around crisis response. 2. Local Residents- Organize community learning nights on Naloxone, meth, harm reduction, overdose prevention, crime reporting and more. 3. Community Hosts- Increase capacity of small formal/informacommunity groups who deal with people in crisis


West End 24 Hour Safe Space (SNA) Increasing Outreach Capacity increase outreach capacity and purchase of supplies necessary to provide services.


The Gang Action Interagency Network(GAIN) Psychosocial Programming & Support for Individuals Exiting the Justice System Provide psychosocial programming for attendees and give participants a sense of belonging & support in finding a new identity (among other tools), while facing many barriers as they exit the justice system.


Opportunities for Employment Inc. Community Employment Support Program Provide transportation aid to at-risk clients for skills upgrading, appointments or job interviews


West Broadway Development Corporation Community Safety Committee, Safety Education and Audit Create a Community Safety Committee and implement safety education and a safety audit for the area.


Inclusion Winnipeg Community Safety Education & Gatherings Gather, provide a meal, transportation and welcome the community into conversations about issues that marginalized populations are confronted with, and provide support and tools to encourage and facilitate community engagement.


St. Matthews NonProfit Housing Inc. Exterior Lighting Project Provide lighting to the west side of the West End Commons to create more visibility along McGee Street and a sense of safety to pedestrians


Holy Names House of Peace In Plain Sight Purchase & Install two tamper proof surveillance cameras for the exterior of the building to provide safety to participants.


Point.Powerline Inc. Increasing Crime Prevention Efforts Increase the number of flyers. This would allow for increased distribution to rooming houses which is difficult Elmwood Community Resource CentreAddictions


Recovery Support for Elmwood Families Five full days of training by Addictions Foundation Manitoba staff. Ten Elmwood Staff members to undergo training with the intent to build capacity to train other staff members as well as to later lead a community workshop.


Knowles Centre Art with Heart & Get Outside Programs Implement two programs for youth 11-17 years; hiring additional support and purchasing tools, supplies and equipment.

Dept. of Conflict Resolution, MennoSimons College Community Meth Response Training Deliver training to front-line community members, family, and organizational staff impacted by people and situations influenced by methamphetamines


Tabernacle of the New Covenant Inc Safe & Healthy Francophone Newcomers Organize a total of 15 Workshops, 5 presentations and a celebration gathering. Various newcomer, health, community safety and crime prevention topics to be covered


Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation Chalmers Safety Initiative Establish a comprehensive safety plan that will address at-risk concerns, personal safety, property crime, vandalism, graffiti & illicit drug activity through workshops, meetings, guest speakers and trainers


Cliniqe Youville Clinic Safety Through Community Engagement Support positive relationships and thoughtful actions through gatherings in three Manitoba Housing developments.

Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization of MB IRCOM Neighbourhood Watch Program Set up a

Neighbourhood Watch program in two locations (95 Ellen & 215 Isabel St.)


Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthews Community Association Safety Through Community Engagement Host a two-hour free Community Supper each month and ask attendees to provide input and feedback through short, specific questionnaires and moderated discussions. Safety issues will be identified, at which point DMSMCA will invite guest speakers to attend who can address these issues from a place of experience and expertise.

Gilroy sees transportation as major challenge

By: Eva Wasney
Posted: 10/5/2018 4:43 PM 

Cindy Gilroy hopes to continue working on community services, infrastructure and safety if she’s elected for a second term as Daniel McIntyre’s City councillor. 


Gilroy, 44, grew up in the West End and still lives in the neighbourhood with her husband, two daughters and one dog. She was an insurance broker and a school trustee in the Winnipeg School Division prior to running for civic politics in 2010 and getting elected in 2014. 

"I’ve lived here my whole life, I’m choosing to raise my family here," she said. "This is a wonderful community and I think that I’ve been able to demonstrate that I’ve been able to make the changes that we’ve needed."


Gilroy says collaboration has been her strong suit when it comes to making decisions


Daniel McIntyre incumbent city councillor candidate Cindy Gilroy.

Photo by: Eva Wasney

Within the ward, Gilroy points to the redevelopment of the greenspace at Valour Community Centre’s Orioles site as an accomplishment and wants to see further recreation centre upgrades focused on the needs of seniors. 


She said that while infrastructure remains a top concern for residents, construction on major roads like Ellice Avenue and Arlington Street is evidence of progress being made in the ward. 


"Even though I think that’s top of mind for everybody… people are starting to see the real investment in infrastructure," Gilroy said. 

When it comes to safety, she believes Winnipeg’s methamphetamine crisis needs to be tackled through City partnerships with community service providers in Daniel McIntyre; as well as through a task force made up of all three levels of government.

"It isn’t just about policing, I think we have a health care crisis on our hands — we have addiction, we have poverty, we have mental illness, so we need to address it holistically and look at the different causes and what we can accomplish working together," she said. 

In the last four years, she has served as a member of the executive policy committee, was appointed acting deputy mayor and has sat on a variety of council committees. Gilroy says collaboration has been her strong suit when it comes to making decisions. 


"You have to be able to work with people that you might not always agree with, but you have to find some common ground because you need their vote, you need their support at the end of the day."

City-wide, Gilroy says she is focused on helping Winnipeg meet climate change targets, creating more affordable housing, making the city safer for women and improving active and public transportation.


"We’re looking at some major challenges as we grow as a city… and transportation is going to be a key thing," she said. "In the suburbs when need a new transit line out there I have to make sure that we’re not losing it here." 


for the youth

for the families

for generations to come


"As part of my 2014 campaign I wanted to
support having a strong and vibrant community,
by having well managed properly maintained
community centres, pools playgrounds and libraries" 


  • Valour Community Centre Orioles Site Redevelopment 

  • Canada Summer Games Beach Volleyball Legacy Project at Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex

  • 24/7 safe place for youth at the MERC Community Centre

  • Ecole Laura Secord School Playground Improvements, 

  • Mulvey School Playground Improvements,

  • Greenway School Climbing Wall

  • Renovation of Rifles Memorial at Vimy RidgePark

  • Valour Community Centre Clifton Site Outdoor Basketball Courts

  • Central Park Canada 150

  • Jacob Penner Park wading pool.




Centre now has new garden beds & bike trails


Completed June 2018

Orioles Re-Dev.jpg

Valour Community Centre Orioles site recently celebrated improvements to its facility grounds at 448 Burnell St. when members of the public were invited to a community event in late June. 

The City of Winnipeg unveiled the improvements including new benches, new community garden beds, and a bike track with unique elements, during the June 26 event.

Over 100 people attended the community event with children from local schools who were eager to see the grounds. Snacks were provided, and kids were treated to face painting.

The site is one of the oldest community club locations in Winnipeg, opening its doors in the West End in 1948. The building hosts a variety of sport and fitness activities including the long-running Orioles Boxing Club. The facility acts as a hub for community programs supporting nearby students, families, and seniors. 

"This investment in Valour Community Centre Orioles site will ensure families can continue to gather and enjoy this community site as they have for many years," said Coun. Mike Pagtakhan, chair of the standing policy committee on protection, community services and parks. "It’s important to update and enhance spaces that are valued by area residents. I encourage families to visit the park this summer and enjoy its new features."

The total cost of improvements at the site is $240,000. Features include a new bike path, light standards along the sidewalk on St. Matthews Avenue, aesthetic image panels, benches, a picnic table, bike rack, waste receptacles, fencing, trees, and freshly planted grass surrounding the new pathway. 


"Community centres are the core of our communities," said Coun. Cindy Gilroy, (Daniel McIntyre). "The Valour Community Centre Orioles site has a 70-year history in the West End and continues to serve families in the area, which is why I am so pleased to see the redevelopment of the facility grounds. By working together with the City, community groups, and local residents, we were able to provide the community a new place to meet and spend time.

"The grounds were a result of a consultation with community and their desire to see new improved grounds. We built new raised garden beds as urban agriculture was seen as a priority also with the new bike/scooter track which was built as a result of the already established Orioles Bike program and the new bike greenway that is being developed along Banning. The event was about bringing the community together for a new improved community space and making sure that we have public spaces that people of all ages could use and enjoy," added Gilroy, who as a child attended dances and played ringette at the centre.

Lawn Sign CH.jpg


This initiative came forward from a resident within our community. They approached me about a similar campaign that takes place in other cities. As Chairperson of the Winnipeg Committee for Safety

I was able to share the success of these methods to the committee.  The Committee decided 

to launch the pilot project for the Please Slow Down Lawn Sign Campaign. As a mother, safety and speeding are of concern to me and to the community.


"It has been a huge success

with signs all around our community"




Planning for the next generation


By: Cindy Gilroy - Daniel McIntyre City Councillor Ward Report

Posted: 04/24/2018



Access to public transit is important to Winnipeg and is key to building a healthy vibrant city. 

The introduction of a carbon tax in Manitoba is a great opportunity to fight climate change and invest in green and active transportation.


Across the country, support for public transit is seen as an important part of any carbon-reduction plan. Unfortunately, last year the provincial government ended the 50/50 transit funding arrangement with municipalities and froze funding at 2016 levels. This left a $10-million dollar gap in our city’s transit budget forcing a fare increase.  

With your help and in my role as a member of the executive policy committee, I was able to persuade Mayor Bowman and other committee members to not cut transit route services. I was also able to get the City to look at introducing a "low income bus pass" program to improve access.

Investments in public transit and active transportation infrastructure would benefit our city in many ways. It would help us reduce our carbon footprint and promote healthier and active lifestyles. A report looking into the results of introducing four electric buses into Winnipeg Transit in 2014 recommends electrifying the entire diesel bus fleet. Transitioning to electric buses would cut emissions and create jobs right here in Winnipeg. 


Last fall our community came together to create a plan for the Banning/Ruby Street Greenway Project. Work will continue this summer on this pedestrian and bike-friendly path to encourage traffic to slow down and improve safety for children and families that use the corridor.

Daniel McIntyre was one of the first neighbourhoods in our city to have a cycling corridor and together we were able to get barricades back up for Sunday cyclists in Wolseley so they can enjoy their bike ride without worries of automobile traffic.

A healthy environment is essential to a healthy community. We all want to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and fight climate change. Let’s invest in public transit and active transportation to help plan for our next generation.


Cindy Gilroy

Daniel McIntyre city council ward report

Cindy Gilroy is the city councillor for Daniel McIntyre.



#low income bus pass



#Cycle Sunday

Wolseley Avenue



#Councillor Gilroy said

 NO to transit route cuts


I am proud to have hosted safety forums in Wolseley, The West End and Spence communities. Residents joined the conversation about neighbourhood safety. A very important issue.

I continue to have a positive relationship with our local police.

Some actions to review from those forums.

A representative from the Winnipeg Police Service’s community relations department talked about the small changes we can make to the areas around our homes and community spaces to make them safer like improved lighting and better visibility. For more information and tips on residential security, visit the WPS’s Crime Prevention website here:

Insp. Mike Boyd from the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) shared a lot of helpful information on the proactive policing being used by the WPS which collects and analyzes data from communities across the city, and then targets police resources accordingly. This approach, referred to as "smart policing" is evidence-based and intelligence-led, which means that it is important that if you are a victim of crime that you report it.


Expanded online reporting is now available for many types of offences including garage break and enters, theft from a vehicle, lost property, and damage to property or to a vehicle.


You can also call the WPS’s non-emergency line to report any suspicious activity at: 204-986-6222

It takes courage and strength to be a leader. It's my honour to present students attending

High Schools in the Daniel McIntyre Ward a graduation bursary each year. They are the leaders of tomorrow.

Tec Voc High School Bursary

Daniel McIntyre High School Bursary

Gordon Bell High School Bursary

Rewarding High School Students for a job well done

Action Oriented Leader in the Community


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"I am the Chairperson for the Standing Policy Committee on Innovation, in 2016 I initiated a pilot project to curb illegal dumping in our community with the installation of mobile high resolution cameras. This 2 year trial decreased the 'hot spot' areas and proved successful."


"I also take action by teaching Community Pride, I work together with a small team of youth cleaning garbage and debris from parks.

In August 2018 I personally cleaned Jacob Penner Park, Maryland Street Tot Lot and Aubrey Green in Wolseley." 


"I am a leader who works hard not only for the community but in the community."

Cindy Gilroy

City Councillor for the Daniel McIntyre Ward


By: Kevin Rollason
Posted: 07/3/2018 3:56 PM| Last Modified: 07/3/2018 9:49 PM

Wielding golden shovels instead of firearms, members of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles turned the sod on the refurbishment of a memorial to the infantry regiment.

The $330,000 project involves the memorial being placed on an elevated granite platform. Landscaping and pavement stones will be added to the monument.

"The Royal Winnipeg Rifles have a proud history and a lasting legacy," Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman said at the ceremony on Tuesday.

"It is an honour to recognize and commemorate our past, present and future through the expansion of the (memorial) in Vimy Ridge Memorial Park... I look forward to the unveiling ceremony later this year."

Ray Crabbe, president of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles Foundation, said "this memorial will commemorate 135 years of service in Canada by the Royal Winnipeg Rifles and will serve as a legacy to those members of the regiment and Canada's military who gave so much for their country."

The Rifles, nicknamed the Little Black Devils by the Métis during the Northwest Rebellion, were founded in 1883. They have served in the First World War, the Second World War, the Boer War, and conflicts in Croatia, Bosnia, and Afghanistan.

The memorial project, paid for through partners and a fundraising project by the Rifles Foundation, is expected to be completed in time for a commemoration service on Nov. 10. It includes fencing, lighting, and a hard surface area for public ceremonies.


"The foundation is extremely grateful to all those individuals, corporations and organizations who purchased a Legacy Stone and made a contribution," Crabbe said.



Crabbe complimented city staff and councillors, noting that all 15 donated to the project. Area Coun. Cindy Gilroy contributed $30,000 from the Daniel McIntyre land development reserve fund, Coun. Ross Eadie contributed $15,000 from the Mynarski fund, and the other 13 contributed $5,000 apiece from their reserve funds.

"That's a tremendous feather in the cap of city councillors," he said.



The city contributed $50,000 from its 2018 capital budget, Veterans Affairs Canada gave $50,000, The Royal Winnipeg Rifles Foundation gave $86,000, and the Winnipeg Foundation put in $20,000.


The West End Library has a new moniker that many in the area

will recognize. The Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex is now

home to the Harvey Smith Library — named for former

Winnipeg city councillor and NDP MLA Harvey Smith,

who died in March 2017. 

Prior to entering civic politics in 1980, Smith worked as a

teacher and librarian at Technical Vocational High School in

the Weston neighbourhood. He was also the driving force behind the relocation of the West End Library from Ellice Avenue to its current home on Sargent Avenue. 


"As soon as I got elected, I started the process of connecting with his friends…to figure out what was the best way to remember him," Daniel McIntyre councillor Cindy Gilroy said during the renaming event on July 31. "We thought it was really fitting for someone who loved books and loved the community, to remember him in this way."



The motion to rename the West End Library was introduced to city council in June 2017 and was supported by former Canadian Union of Public Employees leader and longtime friend of Smith’s, Paul Moist. 

"Having a library named in his honour, I don’t think there’s more you could have done to please Harvey — it’s a tremendous honour to an interesting character," Moist said.

During the event, a portrait of Smith created by students at Art City was unveiled — it will permanently hang in the library.




Paul Moist (from left), Fort Rouge East Fort Garry Coun. Jenny Gerbasi, Daniel McIntyre Coun. Cindy Gilroy and Point Douglas Coun. Mike Pagtakhan unveil a painting of former city councillor Harvey Smith at the newly namedHarvey Smith Library.